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SFTP Applet for ENEA Projects

From this page you can download/upload documents from/to directories of the afs cell trees to/from any directories of your personal computer. Keep in mind that the download/upload operations are bounded by your acl settings. By default the SFTP connection will be directed to your afs home directory

To connect the FTP server click the connect button. Remember to disconnect from the FTP server.

   This applet requires that you accept the security dialog displayed and have Java-Plugin version 1.4.2 installed. If the applet below does not appear or appears as a grey screen
   then your current Java virtual machine may not be compatible with Secure FTP Applet. To run Secure FTP Applet please download Java-Plugin version 1.4.2.
   The applet makes use of Java RC, VM and plug-in which are not supported for IE 5.2 last version developed and running on Mac OS X Apple platforms.